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Fear and Fleeing…Lessons from a Difficult Scripture

2 Kings 3

I’m not sure what to think about this chapter. It’s hard to reconcile. At first glance it seems that a king sacrificed his son on a wall to another god and it worked. But how can that be? It took some wrestling, reading, and thinking, but I think I understand…Israel feared the wrath of Chemosh. They witnessed this last desperate act of a man at the end and believed it would work so they fled. This makes sense because it specifically says Israelites! not Judah. Israel had done evil, falling for the lies of other religions and people. They fled because they did not trust Yahweh more than this barbaric, sinful act. Thus Moab and it’s king survived.

We may trust God to a point, but sometimes we falter. We witness something that seems more powerful than our Savior and we run. In doing so we miss out on the complete victory that God has in store. God did what he had promised in this chapter. Moab was defeated and there for the taking. But they quit out of fear. There are things in this world that will cause us to fear and run from God. Often if we can weather the storm, however, complete victory is just over the horizon.

Thankful for a difficult passage and a God who reveals and sticks by his promises…Praying for a greater faith.


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