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Pastor Tebow

Tim Tebow is the number one pastor in the US right now.

Seriously.  And he gets being a pastor even more than I do, I think.

I just read an article by ESPN’s Rick Reilly, and it really opened my eyes further to just how good this guy is and to the fact that he gets it.  Tim Tebow is not the typical athlete who thanks God, is not the guy just trying to do some good.  Tim Tebow is being the hands and feet of Jesus, and in the process is bringing millions of people to church on Sunday who otherwise would not hear the Gospel.  There is this genuine nature about this guy that you cannot help but like.  I knew he was good, I admired him as a person before today, but then I read this quote from him and it made me realize…this guy is a pastor.  Reilly talks about how Tebow flies a different person out to each game that is either sick, hurting, or dying.  He puts them up in a nice hotel, dinner out the day before, rents them a car, sideline passes, nice seats, and then hangs out with them after for up to an hour.  Win or lose this is his routine.  When asked about this, Tebow says, “The game doesn’t really matter. I mean, I’ll give 100 percent of my heart to win it, but in the end, the thing I most want to do is not win championships or make a lot of money, it’s to invest in people’s lives, to make a difference.”

Who is this guy?

I’ll tell you who…an unashamed pastor for Jesus Christ who shares the Gospel in a way that most of us wish we could.  In the biggest sport in America, playing the most difficult position in sports, Tebow says the most important thing is to invest in the lives of people.  That’s the Gospel folks.  To genuinely care for people, to invest in their lives, and to make a difference.  And to make no apologies for it.  Tebow does this, with great humility, to the point where I no longer see Tim Tebow or hear him talk but I see Jesus.  I wish people could say that about me all the time.

So if you ask me, Tim Tebow has the biggest pulpit in America right now, and he doesn’t even have the most contemporary service in the land (dude was singing Our God is an Awesome God and Lord I Lift Your Name on High…old school).  What does he do with that pulpit?  He speaks hope into the lives of people and turns every Sunday into a day of pastoral care and hospital visits.  He just lives his life to love people.

Is he the greatest quarterback in the league?  Not even close.  Will he ever be?  Possibly, but not likely.  Does it matter?  Not one little bit.  Because as of right now he is one of the greatest preachers I hear and I can’t wait hear him bring the Gospel Saturday night.


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