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Two-Fold Love

I’ve always heard people who are getting married or getting ready to have a child say that they understand God’s love so much more now that they’ve experienced this new kind of love. Now, I can really see exactly what they are talking about. As I inch closer towards marriage and my life with my fiance, Sara, I am blown away by the new perspective in which I see God’s love. There is something special and great to be said about the love you receive from your parents, family, or even friends. However, to have someone who is devoted to you, who chooses to love you in spite of your flaws, and desires to be there for you not because they have to but because they desire to and see something in you that you don’t is absolutely humbling and truly amazing. I still don’t completely fathom this, but what I do understand is that this is how God sees me…

God’s love is great and I have known this practically my whole life. I’ve always heard it said that He loves me no matter what, His grace forgives me, and that there is nothing that can separate me from the love of Christ.  A lot of times we have trouble really believing or grasping this because God is so big and mostly intangible that we cannot completely wrap our brains around Him.  Now, I get to see this kind of love tangibly, at least to a point. Is any human love perfect? Absolutely not. That doesn’t change the fact that it can be a small picture of what God’s love really is.  1 John 4:19 says, “We love because He first loved us.”  We only know of love because God loved us first.  Therefore, I can only experience this kind of great love on Earth because God first chose to love me.  The single reason anyone of us can experience love is because God’s perfect love chose us and therefore reveals to us what love is in the first place.  That should leave us with such gratitude…not only do we get to have the love of God which is greater than love we could ever know, but because He first loved us he showed us how to love which gives us the gift of love from other people.  Therefore, we should be left in simple awe of this two-fold gift of love that God has given us and the life it allows us to have…and love even more greatly because of it.


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